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Will: A legal document that names one or more persons
to manage and transfer one's property at death.


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Why Have a Will?  Your "Free" Will,
     courtesy of the Washington legislature

What Is a Will in Washington?

Who May Make a Will in Washington?

What Is NOT a Will in Washington?  Holographs

Memo Disposing of TPP

Misconceptions about Wills

Misconceptions about Probate in Washington

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An RLT as a Will Substitute

What Is a Revocable Living Trust

Why Have a Revocable Living Trust?

Misconceptions about RLTs

Wills vs. RLTs


Instructions & Forms for a "Do-It-Yourself" Will

Introduction & Initial Decisions

     1.  Do you need a Trust in your Will

     2.  Do you need to consider estate tax savings?

Instructions for Preparing a Simple Will

Instructions for Preparing a Trust Will

Instructions for Executing & Attesting a Will


Simple Will form

Trust Will form

Memo re Tangible Personal Property form


Changing a Will


Keeping a Will Valid


Contesting a Will

A.  Based on Lack of Formalities

B.  Based on Revocation

C.  Based on "Lack of a Testator"

      ● Testamentary Capacity & Insane Delusions

      ● Mistake

      ● Fraud

      ● Restraint (Duress)

      ● Undue Influence

      ● Forgery

D.  Filing a Will Contest



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